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Orange Apricot Strain is a cannabis strain based on indica, which is a mixture of orange juice and apricot spiral. As you can imagine, the taste and smell of this strain are like rich citrus. Smoking orange apricot will help you shut down your brain and relax.

It is very good to let your brain drive autonomously to complete your housework list. This rare weed strain usually has a thick coating of trichomes.

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The aroma is very similar, with a touch of fresh earth and spicy vanilla apricot fruit, enveloping the rich citrus flavor, which intensifies as the ham is burned. Orange Apricot is not as energetic as its taste, its effect will make you immediately feel relaxed and numb from head to toe.


After your last exhalation, you will feel an elevated sense of happiness, filling your brain with a broad sense of happiness, which can expel any negative emotions or thoughts and replace them with a Focus on the exciting stone.

This stone will soon spread to your entire body, leaving you completely locked on the sofa, relaxed, and soon unable to move.

THC Level

Combined with its average THC level of up to 16-20%, these effects make orange apricot an excellent choice for treating depression, chronic stress, mood swings, headaches or migraines, and loss of appetite or nausea.

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