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Paradise Waits Strain For Sale Online

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Paradise Waits Strain For Sale Online

Paradise Waits Strain is one of many mysterious works from Humboldt County, California. By crossing Harlequin with their own strain called Scarlet Fire, they developed a plant worth writing home.

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What is The THC Content Of Paradise Waits Strain?

Although exact potential data is a bit scarce, the report points out that Paradise Waits’ THC is as high as 29%, making her only suitable for the most experienced smokers.

Her nugs are very strong and come in a variety of colors, from dark green to golden amber, and the purple background is almost impenetrable.

Taste And Aroma

The taste and aroma of this rare strain variety may surprise you because a mixture of citrus and hash creates something both sour and sweet.

Many people describe her as fresh and floral, with a hint of diesel and cream, making her an ideal choice after dinner.

Typical Effects Of Paradise Waits Cannabis

Paradise Waits will bring many users to a place of absolute happiness that we all desire, bringing a feeling of total relaxation, which usually comes quickly.

Perhaps more psychedelic than others, this strain is reported to cause slight visual and auditory hallucinations, which can lead to a feeling of heaviness in the body.

Sometimes this pressure can cause giggles, so consider inviting a friend over to help you smoke with her. In the end, it is not surprising that many people fall asleep soon after a few hours, but fall asleep before eating some snacks first.

When you consider the characteristics of an awesome strain, Paradise Waits seems to have everything, its complex flavors are attractive and delicious, her power can be achieved, and she provides a comprehensive set of effects, even the most experienced smokers can also accept it during a considerable journey.

The most important thing is to remember to clean up your calendar before you indulge, because although this bud is really amazing, she may also make you useless.

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