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The Rem Strain For Sale Online

The REM strain reminds you of its effects by its name. This strain provides a one-way ticket, forgotten with its dreamy, calm and indifferent calm cloud. If that trip is your happy version, then REM is your passport.

This effect makes REM have medicinal properties, combined with a pleasant fruity taste, making this strain the first choice for gamers. Anyone who wants to take root on the sofa and immerse themselves in their undisturbed euphoria should give REM a try.

The rem strain is derived from Blue Dream and White Nightmare strains, which combine to produce a dreamlike happiness cocktail. The buds of REM have pleasant berry, sweet, herbal, and earthy flavors.

The blocks themselves are dark green, shaped like grapes, covered with a thin layer of amber hair and a thick layer of light orange trichomes.

Disassemble the core of the fruit, revealing the obvious scent of earthy blueberries below, bringing your headspace to the earthy forest and berry fields, and the air is filled with a faint sweet grass smell

Effects And THC Content Of The Rem Strain

The climax of REM comes quickly, with THC levels ranging from 19% to 24%, and brings a state of relaxation and inattention. Even in the most distracting situations, REM can easily bring you into euphoria and numb you to relaxation.

Those who want to erase work and responsibilities from their consciousness can brainwash in the outdoor fragrance of REM. The effort required to enjoy it is not enough and you will feel so happy that you will not leave the sofa for several hours.

This state of sedation and euphoria has therapeutic potential for those suffering from chronic pain and stress. People who cannot sleep may prefer to use REM at night, but others will prefer it as an afternoon climax, a way to spend a beautiful day in a beautiful daze.

If you have headaches, migraines, or depression, this happy state can help you return to a happy state of ignorance.

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