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White Nightmare Strain For Sale

White Nightmare strain is a sativa dominant hybrid with strong parents. A cross between White Moonshine and Blue Dream—both flavors themselves are blends with a focus on flavor—it inherits the fruity outline and powerful, long-lasting brain orgasm. The average THC content is about 20%.White Nightmare Strain

White Nightmare has a typical medium-sized lumpy deep forest green shovel-shaped mass with bright fire red hair, purple leaves, and a super viscous sweet syrupy resin coating.

The taste is sweet fruity berries with a strong earthy aftertaste, which will last a long time after you drink it.

White Nightmare Strain Effects

Despite the intimidating name, White Nightmare still gives a happy typical Sativa high. Users report that a quick-reacting brain impulse can make people ecstatic; body awareness also improves.

Depending on your mood and surrounding environment, the energy and concentration boost of this strain can help motivate you to handle some other mundane tasks, or just relax to get some new focus.

It may also have medical benefits in the treatment of attention deficit disorder.

White Nightmare Cannabis THC Content

White Nightmare is a fairly potent strain of cannabis, even by modern standards. The average THC content is 20%.

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Health Benefits

One of the most obvious uses of White Nightmare is to treat depression. This is a very uplifting pressure that can elevate your mood. You can also use it if you feel stressed and tired.

If you need to fight chronic pain, the effectiveness of White Nightmare is worth considering. Once again, some MMJ users try to use it in the morning to prevent back pain and migraine pain.

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OZ (28grams), QP (114grams), HP (228grams), P (454grams)


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